The Lady


The General Facts

My name is Charlotte Richardson and I’m a twenty-three year old gal hoping to find her passion and help others along the way. I graduated from Clemson University with a B.A. in English, concentrating on Writing and Publication Studies, with a minor in Spanish language in May 2016. My career goals are to pursue my passion for writing in fields like publishing, communications, and event coordination.

The Fun Facts

I’m originally from the suburbs of Chicago, IL where I lived with my parents and older sister. Tired of the constant grey skies, I traded them in for the sunny, albeit incredibly humid, weather of South Carolina to begin fresh in my college career. Among many things, the most valuable skills I’ve developed through Clemson are interpersonal communication, assurance, curiosity, and of course an intense, all-consuming love for college football (Go Tigers).

But the best parts have been unfolding my interests, achieving set goals, and checking off my bucket list whilst traversing around the globe.

And most importantly, I’ve discovered the things and areas I’m passionate aboutthe things that drive me to pursue more, accomplish big goals, and dream endlessly. Things like writing short stories and photographing my family (or my Thai dinner); things like connecting literature to everyday situations; things like graphic and web designing for a charity close to my heart; things like evolving my fashion taste and style; things like discovering new music and “vibe-curating” my drive to work (as my sister describes it although I’m pretty there’s already a term for it and it’s a DJ); and of course things like drinking earl grey tea every morning .

Even more than that, I want to establish myself through my work and be proud of the things I set out into the world.

I’m hoping to take on the world, inspire others while being continuously inspired myself, and learn to live a creative, honest and purposeful life. Come join me on my ride into adulthood.