London Classics

Living in London is easily the highlight of young life. I’ve been lucky enough to experience many different cities teaming with culture and history, but none are quite like London.

Captured this photo while walking around on my last day in the city.


I think the draw to London is its innate sense of wonder; it’s a city of endless possibilities. The history that helped to define, and redefine, this city is accessible around every corner. Even the most notable and attracted sites around the city–Westminster, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace–are still reminders of what was once great, what still is great, and what will become even greater.

Captured on an early morning walk.
This is the pub I went to with my family 10 years ago when we first visited my sister in London. Each time we return to the city we make sure to stop here. While it may not be a local joint, it feels like ours.

Adding to the many wondrous attractions, buildings, and museums, London is a city that thrives on cultivating individuality—be it pubs, walking tours, or lively boroughs. You could explore the city for one weekend, five months or 10 years, but the allure of London is that there always will be something new to discover each visit; there’s something new to add to its individuality and redefine its history again.

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