A Taste of Prague

The city of Prague reigns as the uncovered gemstone of Europe. Amongst the vast beauties and superstar cities like Rome and Paris, Prague thrives and establishes itself as a hub for tourists, a city rich with an extensive history and home to some of the most influential authors and artists.

Vyšehrad sidewalks

My time spent living in Prague explored cultural immersion: discovering hidden antique shops, idling along the riverbank with newfound friends and unfolding a culture reestablishing itself and its identity post-revolution. With an extensive, influential and turbulent history, the city of Prague remains a walking textbook with neighborhoods leaving behind clues of the country’s past.

I was lucky enough to live for almost three months in this ethereal city. Winding my way through narrow streets with old shops clustered on top of each other, I felt at home and embraced as a neighbor, not just a visitor. While it’s a city known for architecture and old-world charm, Prague presented me with something much bigger than its infamous gothic cathedral: I learned and lived first-hand the resiliency of its people and their pride of their home. I felt the struggle and determination to redefine character and culture in each cobblestone. The city guided me into my goal of cultural immersion—creating a personal connection to the city and carving out my place in their history.

If this city is not on your list yet, I would add it to the top immediately. With so much to do and see, you won’t be disappointed or lacking in adventure.

On the Charles Bridge looking up at Prague Castle.

Take a paddleboat out on the River Vltava or tour the infamous Prague Castle after walking across the Charles Bridge. My secret spot? The neighborhood of Vyšehrad has the most stunning vistas of the city or visit Letna Beer Garden—have a Kingswood cider for me.


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