Moments in Monte Carlo, Monaco

Could that have anymore alliteration? (*hint it could I was an English major)

Discovering my style has been one of the most fun journeys of my life. While some may laugh off the purpose or futility of style, fashion, aesthetics or WHATEVER you want to label it, it’s the only thing that gives strangers a glimpse into your personality. So maybe it’s worth prioritizing? It’s a creative outlet; it’s self-expression; it’s evocative; it’s my halcyon.

IMG_4831 (1)
You can’t photoshop that kind of view.

One of my favorite style moments was touring Monte Carlo, Monaco during a weekend trip to Nice in the South of France. If this wasn’t the time or place to up my glam factor, I don’t know what is. Surrounded my cerulean waters, breathtaking views, and the store fronts of Hermès, Prada, and Chanel right next to the infamous casino, there is no place to equate it.

Attempting that red lip, classic thing.

So for this trip, I knew I had to pull out all the stops (and what I could fit into a carry-on bag). Finding the balance between comfort and chic is easy with a denim shirt & skirt combo. After walking around all day, I seamlessly blended my outfit from day to night by simply adding a red lip and voilà! Très chic!

  • Shirt: J. Crew
  • Skirt: Maeve
  • Sunglasses: Gucci
  • Bag: Longchamp

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